What To Know About Buying A Waterfront Property

Buying waterfront property for sale in BC allows you to enjoy the sparkling beauty of the coastline. A waterfront home can be a delightful place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, whether you use the home as your primary residence or a second home. However, it’s important to keep in mind that there are many special considerations involved with purchasing a waterfront home. Make sure that you educate yourself before signing a contract for waterfront property.

What you need to know about buying waterfront property in BC

1. You’re going to need special flood insurance. Traditional Canadian homeowner’s insurance does not cover damage to your waterfront home due to floods and rising coastal waters. To protect against these situations, you need to purchase special flood insurance. Going without is a bad idea because it leaves your expensive property vulnerable. Plus, if you financed your home, your lender will likely require that you carry flood insurance. Make sure to budget this expense when deciding how much you can afford to pay for waterfront property.

2. You might not be able to do all the improvements you’d planned. Many British Columbia townships and cities have special restrictions and zoning laws that affect waterfront properties. In addition, housing associations may have additional restrictions. If you have your heart set on that unique landscaping, waterfront gazebo or swimming pool, make sure that you’re allowed to complete that project before you sign the papers.

3. Waterfront environments can be harsh. Living right on the ocean or the sound can often mean that your property will take the worst of any storm and be sandblasted regularly with sand from the coastline. Saltwater can also cause corrosion to metal on your home and cause your trees, shrubs, and other plants to struggle. Before you look into waterfront property for sale in BC, make sure to have the property inspected by someone who understands the special demands the environment makes on coastal properties.

4. Some utilities could be a challenge. Waterfront properties tend to be located outside metropolitan areas. That means you might not be connected to the metropolitan water system and will need a well and a septic system. If the existing system is older, you might be required to upgrade it when the title of the property transfers. In addition, mobile phone and internet access can be disrupted along the coast, so you might need a satellite or other system to enhance the signal.

Buying waterfront property with Cascadia Pacific Realty

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