Tips for Canadian Fishing & Hunting Lodge, Camp & Resort Buyers

Are you looking for fishing lodges for sale in BC? Or maybe you would prefer a hunting lodge, camp or resort in BC? Either way, you’ll find a vast assortment of relevant properties for sale at Cascadia Realty. We offer properties ranging in size from 70 acres to properties that stretch as far as the eye can see. Contact us when you’re ready to consider a Canadian fishing or hunting lodge, a camp or resort property. In the meantime, here are some valuable tips for potential buyers.

Purpose of Lodge, Camp or Resort

The first thing you’ll want to decide is the ultimate purpose of the lodge, camp or resort in BC. There are so many things you can do with a property of this nature! Some of the potential ways to utilize the property include:

  • Church group outings
  • Youth group getaway/nature exploration
  • Corporate retreat
  • Family-owned for family members and their guests/extended family
  • Personal retreat/getaway
  • Commercial enterprise for general campers
  • Hunting or fishing training for the public

Once you determine what the purpose of your property will be, that will inform your decision on how many acres to buy, what property amenities to look for and where to purchase it. If you would like some input on this decision, feel free to reach out to Cascadia Realty. We have years of experience and can help guide your buying decision in the right direction.

Consider Your Ideal Guest

If you’re interested in opening up your Canadian fishing or hunting lodge to others, consider who your ideal guest might be. This will of course depend on whether you intend on opening up your property to the public, or whether it will be for a select group. The purpose of your hunting or fishing lodge will influence who your ideal guest might be. Once you know the purpose, you can focus on whether your guests will be family members, corporate executives, the general public or others.

Consider Accessibility

Depending upon the ideal guest, you’ll need to carefully consider how those guests will access your property. Many of the fishing lodges for sale in BC have straightforward access, which makes it easy for quick weekend getaways. Other properties have less obvious access, are harder to get to, or even require a certain type of vehicle, such as a 4-wheel drive. Still, others are most easily accessed by boat. You’ll need to think about access to the property so that your intended guests will be able to get there readily.

Price of Fishing Lodges For Sale in BC

Price is a concern for almost every buyer. You should have a budget in place so that you can feel good about your purchase later on. Remember, too, that once you are the owner of a beautiful fishing or hunting lodge, camp or resort, you may want to invest money into making the property ideal for your intended guests and the purpose of the property. Carefully consider your maximum purchase price, including intended upgrades or property improvements. Then browse our fishing lodges and hunting lodges for sale using filters that keep you within your budget constraints. If you need help choosing an appropriate property, don’t hesitate to call, email or text us.One thing is true for all buyers. The sooner you buy your property, the sooner you can start using it! Gorgeous property like this goes very fast. Contact us at Cascadia Realty for more information.