Things To Consider When Buying An Acreage Or Country Property

View of the agricultural landscape and vineyards during spring season in Osoyoos located in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada.

When you find an acreage for sale in BC, developing a keen sense of admiration for an expansive property is understandable. British Columbia offers some of the most picturesque settings and some incredibly large land tracts that work out well for total privacy, natural recreation, or even ranch land. However, buying an acreage or a country property is only going to be satisfying if the land itself supports your personal vision, fits your financial plan, and suits your needs. Therefore, it is important to consider a few important things as you search through available BC real estate listings.

Consider Financing Options for Acreage for Sale in BC

When a lender assesses your application for financing an acreage, they will be assessing how much of a risk will be associated with finning the property. Some acreages may require a lower down payment than a standard farm loan, especially if the acreage meets the rules for recreational lending because it offers living quarters in good condition. Other things a lender may want to see for an acreage or country property is that the property has a water source with good-quality water, a septic system, and a nice proximity to a nearby town.

Consider What Services Are Accessible on the Acreage

Drinking water, electricity, sewer, telephone and internet access—all of these services will be important if you will be spending a lot of time on the property as a resident, recreational visitor, or ranch owner. Before settling on a specific property, take a look at things like:

  • Whether the property has access to a municipal water source or is supplied by a private well
  • What type of sewer system has been implemented, if any
  • Whether garbage collection is available
  • If the property offers access to internet connectivity and telephone services
  • What type of electricity or alternative power supply is available

Consider the Costs of Acreage Ownership for the Long-Term

The purchase price of an acreage is only one aspect of the overall cost of ownership. Your purchase will also come with further expenses as the property owner, such as property taxes, property insurance, and even general maintenance. Plan for these expenses to ensure the property aligns with your budget. You can find valuable tools to help you better understand the costs of owning a specific property, such as this property tax calculator from

Consider Zoning and Protective Covenants

Protective covenants can be set forth by governing entities to outline how the land can be used. These covenants may dictate everything from who you share an access point with to what kinds of animals, fencing, or structures are permissible on the property. Zoning rules can also be an issue, and they may determine everything from how you can develop the property and how tall you build a structure to where you can place your driveway. These will be important to know before committing interest to a specific acreage.

Consider the Location of the Acreage in BC

The location can determine how satisfied you are with the property if you choose to reside on the land or use it for profitable purposes. Several factors could be important to think about where location is concerned, such as:

  • What schools are in the vicinity if you have children?
  • Does the location have local bylaws to be concerned about?
  • Is the property located on a flood plain?
  • Are there environmental issues in the general area that could affect the property?
  • Will the property be conveniently accessible to you?

Find BC Acreage for Sale Through a Reliable Real Estate Company

Working with a well-established realtor when searching for BC acreage is important. If you would like help in your own search, reach out to us at Cascadia Pacific Realty to discuss property availability in your preferred area. Feel free to take a look at the resources available on our website to learn more about Canadian real estate.