Things to Consider When Buying an Acreage or Country Property in BC

If you’re one of the many people who are leaving the suburbs to enjoy country life, you may not yet know how different purchasing a ranch, farm, or agricultural property is. When considering the purchase of this type of property, there are several things to consider that you would never have to think twice about when purchasing property in a major town or city – think water supply, large utility bills, and road access. In this article, we take a look at 3 of the most important things to consider when buying an acreage or country property in British Columbia, so you can make sure you’re cut out for this challenging but highly rewarding purchase.

Available Services

Looking to build a property on your new acreage? You’re going to need to consider the available services. Properties that have never seen a residential home or haven’t been equipped to provide utilities to residential homes for centuries may not be connected to a municipal water and sewer system. In this case, they are likely not going to be set up for other utilities either, including electricity. tells us what services need to be considered when purchasing an acreage or country property:

“If you are buying an acreage with the intent of building a home, you will first need to consider services, including garbage collection, Internet connectivity, snow removal, and road maintenance, as well as access to your property. If you get a good buy on the land, you may end up paying more to run electricity, water, and other services to your home. You may be charged by the foot by the utility company to bring services from the nearest lines, which in some cases can be miles away.”

The Scope of Work for the Land

Do you have the time to put the amount of work into the land that it requires? And if you don’t, do you have the resources in order to hire professionals to complete this work for you? It’s important to overestimate the amount of work that you believe will need to go into your new purchase, so you can ensure that you’ll be able to keep up no matter what your property throws at you.

In addition to the time it will take to maintain your land, Longbourn Farm gives their advice on which tools you will need to purchase in order to keep up with the scope of work:

“Consider the tools you will need. Will a tractor be necessary? Do you need a 4-wheeler? Do you need a sprayer of some kind? These probably aren’t things to worry about right away but may be nice to think about so you can plan for the future.”

Access to the Property

Purchasing a rural property means considering road access. Rural properties are more often located on roads that are not regularly maintained and are not necessarily safe to drive in all forms of weather. Before buying an acreage or country property, it’s important to consider how you will be able to deal with hard-to-access roads during those snowy winter months.

Sheppard Realty tells us more on why road access needs to be heavily considered when buying this type of property:

“If you’ve spent most of your life in a city or town, you’re probably used to reliable road travel. Damaged, flooded, and snow-covered streets are tended to quickly, which means it’s easy to hop in your car and get where you need to go. In contrast, rural roads aren’t always perfectly maintained. Depending on where an acreage is located, getting to nearby towns and cities can be a challenge—especially during the colder months.”

If you’re interested in buying an acreage or country property in BC, please contact Cascadia Pacific Realty, Ltd. With over 30 years of experience representing buyers and sellers in the British Columbia market, we can help you find available properties in your price range that suit your needs.