The Truth About Selling Rural Property

a picture of a ranch for sale in BC

While rural settings provide homeowners with plenty of land and opportunities to enjoy fresh air, selling property in these areas comes with certain challenges. When you’re a rural property owner who’s planning to sell, it’s important to be aware of what to expect during this process. Before putting your property on the market and looking at other ranches for sale in BC, keep the following in mind.


Putting a house on the market in a suburban or urban area usually means being able to sell it rather quickly. These properties might sell in a few weeks or a month. However, rural properties tend to stay on the market considerably longer. Having a ranch for sale means you’ll need to plan ahead and be patient. Even if you’re selling a ranch that’s in excellent condition and offers a lot of amenities, as well as a great location, it might take months or years to sell. Keep in mind that there are typically fewer buyers looking to purchase rural properties compared to suburban or urban properties. You should plan to list your ranch earlier rather than later in case it ends up taking years to sell.


Although you could try to sell your rural property on your own, you’ll find that this can make the selling process even harder. Taking the time to hire an experienced and knowledgeable realtor can help the selling process go more smoothly. With help from a realtor, you’ll be able to determine the right listing price for your rural property. Aiming too high can keep potential buyers away, while setting it too low means you might lose out on getting a good price for your ranch. For the best results, make sure you find a realtor who has experience listing rural properties. Your realtor should understand the most effective ways to market a rural property, which could help yours sell in a shorter amount of time at a competitive price.

Property Showings

Interested buyers will want to see your property in person before deciding whether or not to make an offer on it. You should make sure your ranch is ready for these showings, which includes decluttering, cleaning and tidying up. The interior and exterior of your home, as well as the outdoor areas, should look their best in order to impress potential buyers. Keep in mind that you might only have a couple of showings overall, or you might have the same buyers ask to see your property more than once. 

Subject Removal Period

When you accept an offer from a buyer, the sale doesn’t automatically take place. There is a subject removal period that occurs first, which can determine whether or not the sale happens or falls through. During this time, your buyer will need to obtain financing, have an inspection done, do a title search, set up insurance and handle other tasks. If all goes well during this time, you can then look forward to selling your rural property. 

Beautiful Ranches for Sale in BC

If you’re interested in purchasing a ranch in BC or selling yours and finding a new one, please contact Cascadia Pacific Realty today. We can assist you in selling your ranch and finding one that fits your current needs and price range.