The Top 5 Best Fishing Lodges in BC

British Columbia in Canada stands out for its saltwater and freshwater fishing. It is possible to fish all year round with fly-fishing and bottom-fishing opportunities. 

As expected, there are beautiful selections of fishing lodges in BC. You also get abundant options to catch salmon and various species. We have ranked the best five fishing lodges in BC based on reputation, customer service, uniqueness, quality of accessories, etc. 

Here are the best fishing lodges in BC, in no strict order:

Black Fish Lodge

Blackfish Lodge offers a terrific fishing experience in a remote accessible area with access to fly fishing, salmon fishing, bottom fishing, freshwater fishing and others. You will find the fishing lodge cozy and relaxing, giving you terrific access to the Canadian wilderness. 

You can fish each day as long as the environmental conditions are favorable, and it’s possible to customize the Lodge to your taste. Visitors can access Black Fish Lodge via boat or floatplane alone. No matter your skill level, you will find a variety of challenges that you will love. 

What makes it stand out?

  • Private use of your Lodge 
  • No set fishing hours; you fish as long as the conditions allow
  • Fresh water and saltwater fishing allowed
  • Terrific aesthetic, you will love it here

– Walters Cove Resort

What a beautiful sight to behold, as the fishing resort is blessed with an assorted island, a vast stretch of virgin coastline with diverse wildlife. This fishing resort stands out for its high-intensity fishing and terrific hospitality. It is a remote location accessible only by boat or seaplane.

Walters Cove receives visitors from all around the globe every year. There are expert fishermen with years of experience who serve as a guide. These are guides whose fishing knowledge were passed down from their generation. 

What makes it stand out?

  • Exceptional service with great hospitality
  • Rich in salmon, halibut and bottom fishing

Coastal Springs Float Lodge

Coastal Springs Float Lodge is the best choice for everyone looking for a relaxed and intimate fishing experience. This region stands out due to the calm water that is not available in other areas.

The Lodge provides access to knight inlet and five Pacific salmon species. In addition, guests get the advantage of nature photographs that are second to none. 

There are experienced teams of guides with decades of experience to help you succeed. The Lodge stands out in age, diversity, and knowledge, making all your fishing experience a success. 

What Makes it stand out

  • Four decades of existence 
  • Highly experienced guides
  • The protected location gives you access to calm waters
  • Terrific wildlife viewing – black bears, dolphins, whales, etc. 

Eagle Nook Resort

Enveloped by wildlife, amazing beauties and world-class fishing, the Eagle Nook Resort is a classic location for all anglers. It provides an authentic wilderness experience and can be accessed only by floatplane or boat. 

It is the perfect location for adventure, relaxation, and getaway. No matter your angling experience, there are experienced guides that will make your time worthwhile. 

What makes it stand out?

  • Access to ocean-view from all room
  • Easily accessible via Vancouver, Nanaimo or Seattle

Silversides Fishing Adventure 

Fraser River boasts gigantic White Sturgeon and surplus Salmon; hence, you are guaranteed to have a mouthwatering experience in this Lodge. With a high success rate, all your fishing trips are guaranteed to produce a fantastic result. 

You have access to all year fishing guide for salmon, trout and others. A better sportfishing experience awaits you, thanks to the licensed fishing guide. There are world-class fishing equipment to make your fly fishing experience memorable. 

What makes it stand out?

  • Access to substantial river monsters
  • The high fishing success rate 


You can take your fishing experience to the next level by visiting any of these fishing lodges. Your experience will be a memorable one.

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