That Country Life: 10 Reasons Why Rural Living Is Good for Your Health

a couple walking down the road of their hobby farm in BC

Moving out to the country offers a great way to boost your quality of life overall. In addition to scenic surroundings and a quiet environment, you can also enjoy several health benefits. If you’ve been thinking of looking at hobby farms for sale in BC, keep the following benefits in mind.

Nutritious Food

Having your own farm means you can grow your own food instead of mainly eating processed foods from stores and fast food restaurants. This gives you convenient access to fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as other organic foods.

Better Emotional Well-Being

When you live in a rural area, you’re less likely to feel anxious or depressed. Being surrounded by nature and living in a calmer and quieter environment can boost your emotional health and well-being. 

Physical Activity

Whether you’re taking care of tasks on your farm or going for a stroll, you can expect more opportunities for exercise in the country. Getting plenty of fresh air and staying physically active can help you feel healthier and happier.

Fewer Distractions

Being in a city means you’re surrounded by a lot of distractions, including other people, businesses, cars, and more. These sights and sounds can be highly distracting, making it harder to get some peace and quiet. Country living has fewer distractions around, so you can think clearly and relax more.

Good Schools

If you have kids, keep in mind that rural schools often have a lower teacher-to-student ratio. These smaller classes can make it easier for kids to get a good education and help from their teacher when needed.

Relaxing Environment

Being in the country gives you a more relaxing place to live, which can help reduce stress. Having less stress in your life on a daily basis is better for your physical and emotional health overall.

Sense of Purpose

Rural living, especially on a farm, can give you a strong sense of purpose. You can focus on taking care of your property and making improvements to it as needed over the years.

Cleaner Air

Living in the country often comes with cleaner air to breathe. Cities are filled with pollution due to cars, factories, and other sources of pollutants. When you’re in the country, you can look forward to dealing with less pollution.

More Space

A country home provides you with more living space indoors and outdoors. Instead of being in a small apartment or a house with a small yard, you’ll have plenty of space for indoor and outdoor living.

Sense of Community

Rural living gives you a chance to get to know your neighbors. These areas in general tend to have a stronger sense of community compared to urban and suburban areas. 

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