Is Waterfront Property a Good Investment?

Let’s face it – it’s nearly everyone’s dream to own waterfront property. Whether next to a beach, a lake, or an ocean, you can’t beat the view of waterfront property, not to mention the serenity and peace that comes along with the sound of the crashing waves. While you might be looking for a waterfront property to enjoy purely for yourself, you may also be looking to purchase this type of property as an investment opportunity. But is a waterfront property truly a good investment? The answer is, yes! In this article, we take a look at why purchasing a waterfront property is most definitely worth the money and can make for an incredible investment opportunity.

They’re in High Demand

How many times have you yourself yearned to take a vacation at a waterfront property? If you’re looking to purchase this type of property to rent out to others, odds are, you will have no issue at all finding guests who are willing to pay a higher rental price. Of course, waterfront properties are mostly in demand during seasons that bring warmer weather, but the income made during this time period could generate enough income to pay for your property all year round.

Mashvisor tells us more on why you can be sure that your waterfront property will be in high demand:

“Any vacation rental investment located near water is usually highly sought-after, especially by Airbnb users. Since waterfront property is in high demand, you are likely to enjoy a high vacation rental occupancy rate. In addition, you can charge a relatively higher rental price due to the unique location of your rental property.”

Strong Potential for Appreciation

Looking for a property that will only increase in value over time? Then waterfront properties are your best bet. The potential for appreciation is incredibly high with this type of property, making it one of the best types to invest in for this reason. 

Real estate agent Robin Kencel expands on the appreciation of waterfront properties on

“Waterfront properties are typically those that see the highest appreciation,” says Kencel, who notes that the same holds true in her local market. “In 2020, five waterfront properties sold for over $17 million: four on-market and one off-market. Waterfront continues to be in the highest demand.”

Personal Benefits

Of course, the personal benefits of owning a waterfront property cannot be overlooked. Whether or not you’re purchasing a property for others to use, this does not take away from the fact that this is your property, to be used at your own convenience! You’ll have ready access to an amazing view, waterside activities, and more just steps away from your home. discusses more personal benefits of owning a waterfront property:

“Living near the water also brings proven mental health benefits. A recent study indicates that those who live near “blue spaces” display a consistently higher sense of wellbeing and happiness than those who live in urban environments. Higher levels of vitamin D, better social interactions, and a more attuned sense of mindfulness are touted as possible links between waterfront locations and greater mental health.”

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