How to Hunt in BC 

For anyone that wants to hunt, you are in luck as this article will discuss important things you need to keep in mind. Hunting legally in BC comes with some legalities and requirements that you need to fulfil. 

Over the years, hunting activity has gained popularity in Canada. This can be traced to the growing interest of people in organic meat. Thanks to the CORE Hunter Education course, people can now learn the essential ethics for Hunting and Fair Chase in Canada. 

The primary embargo is getting a British Columbia hunting license, which is not so complicated. Here is a quick guide that will guide you through the process 

Prepare for your Core Hunter Education Course

There are basic things required for you to know before you hunt in British Columbia. This knowledge can be obtained via education and training, which you can take with a licensed hunter instructor. There is also the possibility to have this training online, in the comfort of your home. 

You can access a series of online courses approved by the British Columbia Wildlife Federation, which contains basic things about hunting in BC. Such information is required and essential for you to pass the exam. 

Take and Pass the Core Hunter Education Exam 

There are approved examiners that are licensed to conduct the Basic Hunter exam. Log on to the BCWF website, chose any that appeals to you. Expect 80 multiple-choice questions alongside another session dedicated to the practicality of handling firearms.

However, there is the possibility of exemption from the firearm handling test. This is only possible if you can prove to your examiner that you have satisfied the requirement of the CFSC paperwork and passed the course. 

Get Your Core Certificate

Your core certificate takes you one step closer to hunting in BC. Once you are successful with the CORE exam, you will be provided with an examination record that grants you access to the CORE certificate from the British Columbia Wildlife Federation (BCWF). 

It is a paid certificate, which costs $30. However, you might be exempted from payment if you have proof of completion of your British Columbia Wildlife Federation (BCWF) credentials online. 

Request for Your Fish and Wildlife ID (FWID)

Your CORE certificate qualifies you for a Fish and Wildlife ID (FWID) – your passport to hunting services in British Columbia. One can get this FWID online via It is also possible to obtain the ID in person at the Services BC office. 

With the FWID, you can then proceed to apply for a hunting license. Better still, you can apply for Limited Entry Hunting License. 


As explained above, the process of getting a license or permit to hunt is not complicated. Follow the steps outlined above, and you are confident of hunting seamlessly in British Columbia. 

British Columbia is a blessed city with abundant resources. Settling there can be the best decision of your life. Let us help you find your dream BC property! Contact us today