About Us

Our company was built on a strong platform of trust, commitment and integrity, and it is these founding principles that guide us proudly through every meeting, transaction and interaction with each client we serve.

The company has selected a small boutique format to provide quality, one to one service to our clients. This level of personal service ensures a real estate experience tailored exclusively to your needs. If we don’t think it’s necessary to put your house on parade for an Open House, we’ll tell you. If you’re better off advertising internationally rather than locally, we’ll tell you that, too. We look forward to forging new relationships of all kinds, cooperate fully with other realtors and will treat your property with the ultimate respect.

Cascadia Pacific Realty was founded by Irv Ridd, a unique properties specialist in British Columbia for over 20 years. Irv is renowned in the industry as a team player, an expert on acreages, resorts and ranches, a straight shooter and one heck of a fisherman.

Based on the principles Irv has ingrained into his professional and personal life, our mandate at Cascadia is to provide the most thorough, professional and helpful service we have at our disposal.