A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Hunting Land

Is hunting on public land starting to get old for you? Or are you getting tired of the rules set by the landowners, knowing that you would hunt completely differently if given the chance to? Then it might be time to start looking into purchasing your own hunting land in BC. If you’re interested in making this type of investment, then the time is always right now. It is not easy to acquire this type of land, as it’s not as if any more is being made. In our beginner’s guide to buying hunting land, we take a look at 3 things that need to be considered when purchasing deer hunting land for sale.

Choosing Your Location

Choosing a location is relatively straightforward when it comes to hunting land. If you’re already an avid hunter, you’ll know exactly what type of property you should be looking for when it comes to location, including how far away from the city it should be for yourself and the public to get the most use out of it.

Landthink.com tells us more about what should be considered when choosing a location for your hunting land:

“This point is simple. Make sure your land purchase is far enough away from the city, but not too far that traveling to it takes too long. You will need to consider traveling expenses into your purchase costs. Our recommendation would be less than 3 hours, that way you can leave early in the morning to be able to hunt at daybreak, and be able to return home after the hunt. This is really ideal if a cabin is not yet built on the land. Another consideration is the close proximity of a hotel or motel, for those unexpected overnight stays to track a wounded animal.”

Only Look at Land You Can Afford

When purchasing any property, there’s one solid rule of thumb – don’t look at properties you cannot afford. If you know for a fact that there is no wiggle room when it comes to the price of the hunting property you can afford to purchase, do not bother dreaming outside of your means.

North American Whitetail explains why you need to be realistic about your price range:

“Buying land is like dating. You’ve got to be honest about your range, which can be depressing. The upside is that if you’re as realistic about potential mates as you are deer properties, you’ll find something good enough. Deer hunters often dream big when it comes to owning land, but that’s simply a mental insurance policy against actually looking at land they can afford.”

Consider the Potential For Attracting Game

Lastly, when purchasing a hunting land you must realistically consider its potential for attracting game. What water sources are available? What about food sources? If you plan on adding in food sources yourself, is the soil type appropriate?

Realtors Land Institute tells us what you need to consider when considering a land’s potential for attracting game:

“Check out water sources. If they are inadequate, consider what it will take to excavate a pond or add water troughs along deer trails. Are current or potential food sources available to attract the prey you seek? For example, deer love everything from clover to wheat, and from chestnuts to apples. Like wild boar, they love acorns too.”

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