6 Things to Know Before Starting a Hobby Farm

A picture of a hobby farm for sale in BC

If you are considering hobby farms for sale in BC, the first thing to know is the difference between a hobby farm and a regular farm. Unlike a typical farm that people own to produce income, hobby farms are mostly for pleasure. While you may occasionally sell small items such as eggs or honey, you will need another source of income when you own a hobby farm. In this blog, we present six things everyone should know before buying a British Columbia hobby farm.

Read and Research Before Making the Leap

To ensure you go into hobby farming with realistic expectations, spend time reading books about it, talking to other hobby farmers, and studying species of animals you are considering having on your farm. Enrolling in one or more 4-H extension classes can be especially helpful.

Start with Only a Few Projects a Year

Avoid making the mistake of buying several species of animals, trying to plant and maintain a garden, and canning food all at the same time when you are new to living on a hobby farm. You will burn out quickly and could regret making the purchase in the first place. Veteran hobby farmers recommend selecting only one or two projects most important to you and tending only to them until you feel comfortable taking on more.

Remember You Got into Hobby Farming for Fun, Not Profit

You can realistically expect to earn some money by selling vegetables or eggs at farmer’s markets, but you should not go into hobby farming expecting to make a living. If you are more interested in farming as a career, then buying a hobby farm is not for you. Spending more time working and selling than enjoying your hobby farm will defeat the purpose of buying it.

Avoid Incurring Debt to Manage Your Hobby Farm

Since your farm is only a hobby, it does not make sense to go into debt to finance equipment for it. A better approach is to grow your farm organically and save for future purchases rather than financing them.

Realize Your Choices May Change

There is nothing wrong with changing the focus of your hobby farm based on your revolving interests. In fact, you may want to experiment with different types of projects such as growing crops or cut flowers and taking on various species of animals one at a time to learn more about where your passions lie.

You Will, Look at the World Differently as a Hobby Farm Owner

Living on any type of farm forces people to slow down and appreciate the simpler things in life. Growing your own food brings a special sense of satisfaction, whether you raise chickens to produce eggs or plant a vegetable garden. Having the space to walk about freely and enjoy fresh air is an experience you should grow to love.

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