5 Things to Consider When Buying a Ranch in BC

There’s nothing quite like the fresh air and country living that comes along with owning a ranch in BC. You can get up every morning and not have anyone around for miles, letting you focus your efforts on your work or hobbies without interruption.

As appealing as that may sound, whether you’re looking to run a working ranch or are simply in it for the peace and quiet, there are a lot of things to consider before investing in any kind of ranch property. Before you’re “sold” on the next property you see, here are 5 things to consider when buying a ranch in BC.

Water Source

Will your clean drinking water come from a well or is there another option? Do you have any rights to the water from any local streams, lakes, or springs? Wherever your water comes from, make sure it will be able to provide enough volume to support the needs of your family and any livestock.


In order to find out if the county you are buying the ranch in meets your zoning needs, get in contact with the local land title office. Note that mortgage lenders tend to view properties zoned as agricultural as a risk as they often have difficulties with foreclosure, so it may be difficult securing a mortgage if you’re planning on raising animals on your ranch. For those unfamiliar with zoning, consider bringing an experienced realtor along to help provide some clarification.


A rural property like a ranch is typically a good distance from any local police or fire stations, so you’ll likely have to wait for help in case of an emergency. Insurance companies are well aware of this, so they may be hesitant to provide you with property and fire insurance, even if it’s insisted upon by mortgage lenders. That’s why if you do find a provider that’s willing to give you coverage, you should expect it to be pricy.

Septic Systems and Lagoons

Ranches will often have their own septic systems or lagoons. Before purchasing the acreage, it’s a good idea to have these thoroughly checked out by a professional septic inspector. If you want to do some extra research into this yourself, check out the local municipal office for the appropriate applications, plans, and permits for the septic system or lagoon.

Livestock Considerations

If you’re planning on running a working ranch with livestock, then you should look into whether or not there are any special considerations. For example, there may be restrictions on how many animals you can have depending on the acreage, minimum distances your outbuildings must be from houses, and certain requirements regarding manure storage.

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